Like hope, but different

February 13, 2008

Well, folks, I couldn’t resist.  I just HAD to share this little jab at McCain.  I’ve become, at my own amazement, a little politicized lately.  Dang that Barack Obama and his superstar status!  Even I, who have spent most of my adult life in ignorant bliss, shunning most all things political, going completely against the grain of my obnoxiously politically-obsessed family, must cry uncle when it comes to this presidential race. 

I, like so many complacent, apathetic Americans, have been roused from my slumber by that Obama dude.  Inspired.  If I hear that word one more time…I swear to God.  But it’s TRUE!  We’ve become…inspired!  And while I’m not one to jump on a bandwagon (I didn’t see “Titanic” until it had come out on video because everybody and their mother had seen it and was RAVING about it and that damn Celine Dion song was on the radio twenty-four hours a day–I just couldn’t bring myself to join the masses–I think my therapist calls it “oppositionalism”–I call it having a BRAIN, but whatever…), I have put whatever sick I-won’t-fall-for-the-hype pride I have aside and taken a swan dive RIGHT ONTO Obama’s wagon.

I even watched (gasp!) CNN lastnight to see how badly Obama spanked Hillary’s ASS in Virginia’s primary yesterday.  Those of you who know me well know just how MAJOR it is that I bravely ventured away from the E! Channel (I ain’t ashamed to admit it.  Okay, maybe a little ashamed…but I gotta keep up with Britney, y’all!).  It was the best fifteen minutes I’ve had in quite. a. WHILE. (Sorry, Jay)…

I know, I know.  I’m a WOMAN–I should be voting for Hillary.  Listen.  I’m not a hater.  I just don’t trust that dirty bitch, okay?  And no, the lady in my head did not tell me to say that.  THAT, my friends, is 100% Kelly-smack.   



February 4, 2008


This little piece of “propaganda” (as Jay likes to call it–he’s an “Independent” who never votes for Democrats, so I think we know what he really is) has had me in tears off-and-on for the last twenty-four hours.  I have been brought to my knees by this song, finding it to be a universal anthem of empowerment, a battlecry, a song for any cause.  I like it so much, despite what Jay thinks.  But still

Me:  “I didn’t think you would like that video, Jay, but I think it’s really depressing that we don’t share any causes.” 

Him:  “Our son is our shared cause, Honey.”

And I suppose he’s right.  And in the end, truly, I want to know that my child was always my first cause, always my finest contribution to society.  I love being a parent with Jay, sharing our common “cause.”  As different as we are, we are very closely aligned in our parenting philosophies and this gives me more joy than I can tell you.  But I still can’t shake the lonely feeling in my house right now. 

Maybe it’s because I am fresh from a beyond-my-wildest-dreams event yesterday: a showing of The Business of Being Born, a stellar documentary film produced by Ricki Lake that explores the reality of giving birth in America–that it is often more about profit and liability than about what may be best for mothers and babies.  600+ people showed up at The Byrd Theatre yesterday for the showing, which a few months ago, I would never have dreamed.  I had originally thought that perhaps we could show it at a yoga studio to about 50 people, with the hope that perhaps one person might choose something different for their birth. 

The air was electric as hundreds of people poured into the theater–men, women, old, young, black, white…I could not believe that so many people actually CARED about this issue.  Suddently the work our makeshift committee of 13 moms had done over the last several months seemed worth it.

And then to discover the Yes, We Can video THAT VERY NIGHT, made the work seem that much more important, and that much more POSSIBLE.

And the lonely feeling in my house?  Eh, so what?  That’s what the rest of the WORLD is for.  Jay and I share the most important cause.  There are at least 613 other Richmonders who share my other cause, which ain’t too shabby.  And over 600,000 other people clicked on the You Tube Yes, We Can video, so there’s that, too…

Curious about The Business of Being Born? Click on the trailer below:

I have just realized that it is not so much writer’s block as it is technological illiteracy that is keeping me from posting at-will. 

For instance, the other day, I had a post in mind, but couldn’t figure out how to successfully upload an image that was in pdf format.  Without the image, the post would have been lacking, so I just said f-it. 

A few days later, I had a post in mind which would have required me to link to different sites.  But I couldn’t figure out how to do that, either.  So I got the f-its again. 

Now today, I want to post about a video on You Tube, but I can’t figure out how to do that cool thing of copying the actual picture of the video into my post, so that all people have to do is click on the play button to play the video.  Again, f-it. 

This is becoming pathological.

I need to buy a Blogging for Idiots book or something.  (Oh hey, I bet a book like that actually exists, come to think of it.  I was joking, but maybe I’m onto something here…)

I thought that because I am reasonably competent at writing that blogging would be a good idea.  I did not know I would need to speak Computer-ese in order to have a decent blog.  People, why this did not occur to me before, I have no idea.

But please bear with me.  I promise one day this will be a cool blog.