why i love comast

May 8, 2008

ok, so i get a comment on my post the other day–you know, the one about caleb peeing on the cable box and irreparably shorting it out–from COMCAST.  yeah.  it was their national headquarters and god only knows how they ended up on my blog, but thank goodness they did.  and they wanted to HELP.  i know–i nearly had a heart attack, too. 

at first i thought it was a hoax, so i emailed the lady and in turns out she was for real.  and she contacted the regional office on my behalf to see what could be done about the box.  and they called me within a couple of hours and left a message:  “ms. wolf, this is so-and-so from comcast and we’d be more than happy to replace your cable box free of charge.  i can have someone out today.  would 2 to 5 work or would 5 to 8 be better?” 

i am totally serious.  you cannot make this stuff up. 

and then a guy showed up a few hours later and set up our new box lickety split.  i’ve put our little angel to bed and am now eating popcorn and watching a movie.  it doesn’t get any better than this.  thank you, comcast!


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