camera update

May 11, 2008

ok, well, my amazing camera got stolen, as you may remember.  and i was totally heartbroken.  so jay took me to circuit city and we bought a little $100 digital camera to assuage the grief.  i was thrilled!  it’s no nikon d80, but hey, it will capture my child and at this point, i’ll take anything.  even drawing lessons.

so.  my better half took the camera on his fishing trip this week.  here’s a little excerpt from one of our phone conversations:

him:  today was a little interesting.

me:  really…?

him:  yeah…you know, things were kind of, you know, off.

me:  really…?

him:  <silence>

me:  well, what happened, honey?

him:  oh…well, you know.  um.  well.  so i went out on the creek, right?  and um, i took the camera out of my pocket.  and i dropped it right into the creek. 



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