Me:  Mother to Caleb, lover of poetry, toast with butter, surprises, red toenail polish.  Big fan of my partner, Jay, slapstick, and trees, especially in fall.  Chocolate-loving tea totaler, goddess in the kitchen, seeker of all things magical.  Hot-headed, forgiving, loyal, tardy.  Fierce and sweet, rebellious and shy.  And sometimes, pretty damn funny. 

This blog:  The Lady in My Head is that lovely voice that tells me the truth, even when I don’t want to hear it–the voice who gives me the low-down on pretty much everything.  Call her intuition; call her sixth sense; call her…bullshit barometer.  When I listen to her, life’s better.  When I write what she tells me to write, I am amazed at what comes out.  When say outloud what she tells me, we’re stunned.  When I take action in the way she tells me, it all comes together so beautifully.  She is the seat and the center and I cannot live without her.  This blog’s in her honor.   


One Response to “About”

  1. I love your blog! I just now discovered it on Vowelly’s blog, and have only read the latest one, because I have to go now to make a bunch of buttons for Obama, even tho I’m split between him and Hilary. But I’m happy to make buttons for him, and if Hilary pays me I’ll make buttons for her too! Its how I buy the groceries. At first I didn’t know who you were, because your picture is so dark on my screen, but I knew who Caleb is. I love that you listen to that lady– how wonderful to discover her, and share her with us!

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